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From ransomware protection for G-Suite and Office 365 to data storage and back-up platforms, we offer businesses a full-range of effective data protection solutions

About Our Technology

Cyber risks such as ransomware, loss of data, insider threats and basic human error are on the rise as IT and cloud-based technology grows in sophistication and reach. Xxxxxxx can help you put robust storage, back-up and monitoring systems in place to help cut down on these risks, identifying threats and potential data breaches at an early stage and keep sensitive data confidential and secure

Data Recovery and Back-up

Xxxxx can work with you to automatically back-up your G-Suite or Office 365 data to a location of your choice for data protection and instant file retrieval

Your Defence Against Ransomware

Let xxxxx help you take back the power with automated, AI-based ransomware protection for G-Suite and Office 365. RansomCloud offers 24/7 monitoring, as well as excellent detection, risk mitigation and disaster recovery functionality

Apps Assessments

Our software can identify and neutralise safety and compliance risks entering your IT via apps and extensions to protect your data and prevent costly security breaches

G Suite Backup & Recovery

Robust, seamless protection and back-up capabilities for your G-Suite data and applications. Save time and frustration with easy, intuitive back-up systems across all your key functions, including Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Google Drive. The system is cloud-based meaning no physical infrastructure is required and it can normally be set up in around five minutes, eliminating downtime

Office 365 Backup & Ransomware Protection

Cyber hackers can cause a great deal of damage to businesses that do not have adequate security systems and ransomware in place. The simple step of installing up-to-date, effective anti-hacking software to protect your Office 365 set-up can safeguard sensitive systems against cyberattacks, while robust back-up storage functionality adds an extra layer of protection against data loss.

Other threats come in the guise of disgruntled former employees, intent on stealing documents and data when they leave a company. Effective ransomware prevents this from happening and alerts admins of any attempts to transfer data from a commercial Office 365 account to a private one, for example, or to download a risky app.

Finally, Office 365 back-up and ransomware solutions can help guard against simple human error, again alerting admins to any unexpected activity and erroneous deletions, while backing up valuable data in a safe and easily-retrievable cloud-based format. Enjoy full visibility and accountability with this essential security tool.

If you or your company would benefit from a fresh look at your data storage, back-up and security systems, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on tel. xxxxxxx.

Why Protect G Suite
and Office 365 Data?


Companies pay $2,500 on average to get their files back from a cyberhacker. With our data backup options and ransomware protection services, you don’t need to worry. Spinbackup keeps your data safe. If you are attacked with ransomware, we will block the attack source and recover damaged files.

Data Theft By Fired Employees

About 85% of employees admitted to taking company documents when they left a business. Spinbackup prevents data theft and alerts admins of any potential data breach. For example, you will know when employees transfer a lot of data from their corporate accounts to a private one or download risky apps.

Human Error

About 25% of all data breaches are caused by human error. Google and Microsoft are secure cloud providers, but they do not take responsibility for data loss. Spinbackup gives you the peace of mind that your Office 356 and Google Apps data is backed up and easily restored when you need it.About 25% of all data breaches are caused by human error

Insider Threats

To resolve insider-related incidents, businesses pay $8.76 million per year on average. Detecting insiders in a timely manner could save millions of dollars. With Spinbackup you get full visibility of what’s going on in your organization including when an employee attempts to share data with 3-rd party people.

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I finally found the right service for backing up my “personal” Google Account and love is already: Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner


I finally found the right service for backing up my “personal” Google Account and love is already: Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner